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Getting closer to a full list. Last update was 4th August.

Abbeydale of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Absolution 5.3% abv
A fruity pale ale, deceptively drinkable for its strength. Sweetish but not cloying.
TripleC 4% abv
This year's SunFest charity beer and we are delighted to support Cavendish Cancer Care again. With a name like Triple C, we had to use three hops beginning with 'C', so a load of Columbus went in for bittering, with Cascade and Centennial for aroma and bags of flavour.
Abstract Jungle of Langley Mill, Derbyshire
Easy American Brown 4.4% abv
A Classic brown ale malt base balanced with a fresh American hop profile of Citra, Cascade and centennial
Hutches Pale 3.9% abv
A very pale session beer with floral cascade notes and a crisp clean finish
Nottella 4.6% abv Singles Bar
A chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla stout of course...
Acorn of Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Barnsley Bitter 3.8% abv
This brown bitter has a smooth malty bitterness throughout with notes of chocolate and caramel. Fruity bitter finish.
Summer Pale 4.1% abv
A crisp refreshing fruity wheat beer with raspberry and grapefruit notes. Easy drinking.
Adnams of Southwold, Suffolk
Barrel Aged Broadside 10% abv Adnams Bar
We took this warming, dark ruby English beer that enjoys a special place in many people’s hearts and aged it in whisky casks, on cherries, for over four years. It retains its rich raisin notes and has gained sweet cherry flavours and a slightly tart finish.
Broadside 4.7% abv Adnams Bar
Rich, malty aroma with blackberries and dried fruit. Rich full flavours of malt & fruit, with roast and caramel notes and subtle hops.
Earl Grey Lager 5% abv Adnams Bar
Brewed with Pilsner malt and Galaxy hops before being infused with Teapigs' Darjeeling Earl Grey Tea. This crisp, fruity, refreshing lager has delicious citrus and bergamot flavours.
Ghost Ship 4.5% abv Adnams Bar
Pale Ale with a good bitterness and a malty backbone. Brewed with a selection of malts and a blend of American hops.
Mosaic 4.1% abv Adnams Bar
Pale Ale malt, Lager malt and Cara. Mosaic hops at four stages of brewing. Bold hop characteristics; peach, mango, lemon and pine.
Nut Brown 4% abv Adnams Bar
Based on our original Nut Brown recipe and redesigned by our Head Brewer Fergus! It’s the colour of a freshly-cracked nut with flavours of gooseberries, caramel & malt.
Regatta 4.3% abv Adnams Bar
Brewed with East Anglian pale ale malt it has light, biscuit flavous.The English hops add a gentle bitterness to this crisp Summer beer.
Southwold Bitter 3.7% abv Adnams Bar
Aromas of toffee apple, caramel and sulphur. Taste is a complex mix of malt toffee and roast bitterness with hops.
Alechemy of Livingston, West Lothian
10 Storey Mind Bomb 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Secret Citra 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Alnwick of Alnwick, Northumberland
Alnwick Amber 3.8% abv
Classic amber ale with a strong infusion of fuggles and styrian goldings hops specifically for the North Eastern palate to balance the best quality Maris Otter and crystal malts base. Good hoppy nose and biscuity body. An all day "session" ale if ever there was one.
Alnwick IPA 4.5% abv
A traditional India Pale Ale with an appealing hoppy aroma of bitter oranges to start followed by a big hoppy taste packed with bitter resins. It is nicely balanced, with just enough sweetnesss to counter robust hops. Dry and very hoppy to finish.
Anarchy of Stannington, Northumberland
Citra Star 4.1% abv
Loaded with grapefruit, lemon and lime flavours but is light bodied enough to keep you coming back for more. Highly hopped with a big, bitter finish.
Angles Ales of Peterborough New Brewery
Feral Nun 5% abv LocAle Bar
A dark ruby strong bitter with an ABV of 5%. Pale ale malts are combined with roasted and torrified barley to produce a distinctive porteresque-type ale with subtle Maillard reaction notes mellowed by a two-stage hopping process with East Kent old English hops.
Goat Tosser 4.4% abv LocAle Bar
A medium brown old English best bitter with an ABV of 4.4%. Made using Maris Otter, light crystal and cara malts and a four-stage hopping process using Fuggles, Goat Tosser provides a well balanced malty beer combining old English hops and the yeast esters from the fermentation process. 
H.M.S. Glatton 7.4% abv Singles Bar
This East India Pale Ale, named after this fine warship, is made with marris otter pale ale barley supplemented with torrified barley to an original East India Company recipe.
Southgate Bitter 3.6% abv LocAle Bar
A light brown old English bitter with an ABV of 3.6%. Full bodied thanks to a combination of torrified, cara, light crystal and Maris Otter malts; combined with a four stage Fuggles hopping procedure this produces a subtle flavour of mildly bitter malts.
Anspach & Hobday of Bermondsey, London SE1
The Pale Ale 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Anspach and Hobday of London
American Pale Ale 4.8% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
German Cream Ale 5.2% abv Key Keg Bar
Brewed with German Ale Yeast adding some fruit and spice to the Sorachi character
Austendyke Ales of Weston Hills, Lincolnshire
Brexit 5% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Long Lane 4% abv LocAle Bar
A traditional copper coloured bitter
Sheepmarket 4.2% abv LocAle Bar
Crisp easy drinking ale with a bitter finish, soft copper and caramel in colour.
Bad of Dishforth, North Yorkshire
Summer Breeze 4.5% abv
A traditional copper coloured bitter
Bad Seed of Malton, North Yorkshire
Grifter 4.3% abv
American Pale Ale with heaps of Comet, Cascade, Chinook and Columbus that deliver a hit of grapefruit, citrus, pine and papaya.
Session IPA 4% abv
Session I.P.A. (Vic Secret, Comet, Ella) 4.0% Three of the biggest boldest hops crammed into this belter of a beer. Vic Secret, Comet, and Ella give this beer a totally tropical fruit flavour. Easy drinking abv, full on hop flavour.
Baildon of Baildon, West Yorkshire
Sir Titus Salt 4% abv
Light blonde coloured ale. Hoppy and sessionable.
Bakers Dozen of Ketton, Rutland
Electric Landlady 5% abv LocAle Bar
Golden Ale brewed with mosaic hops
Highway A6121 re-visited (unfined) 6.9% abv Singles Bar
Collaboration brew with Three Blind Mice Brewery. A White IPA packed full of Summit, Mosaic & Citra hops.
I'm Brian & So's My Wife (unfined) 5.9% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Rhubarb & Juniper infused Saison. Unfined
Magic Potion No.4 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
Pale Ale featuring US Ekuanot & Australian Enigma hops.
Straight Outta Ketton 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
Hazy gold with white head. Quite a hoppy beer, leafy with a bitter orange hint, fruity throughout then finishing drying bitter.
Batemans of Wainfleet, Lincs
Gold 3.9% abv Batemans Bar
A golden refreshing beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops. Quite dry citrus flavour and aroma.
Salem Porter 4.7% abv Batemans Bar
A black and complex mix of chocolate, liquorice and cough elixir.
Skull & Hammers ?.?% abv Batemans Bar
A unique hand-blended beer of Triple XB and Batemans Gold. Light amber in colour it is brewed with lager and crystal malts, Goldings, Chinook, Cascade and Challenger hops. CRACKING!
XB 3.7% abv Batemans Bar
A well-rounded, smooth malty beer with a blackcurrant background. Hops initially give way to a bittersweet dryness.
XXXB 4.5% abv Batemans Bar
A brilliant blend of malt, hops and fruit on the nose with a bitter bite over the top of a faintly banana maltiness.
Bexar County of Peterborough
Cream Tea Deconstructed 6.1% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Malt forward tea beer with lactose and strawberry. (vegetarian, unfined) 
I Am Not a Fruit Beer 4.2% abv LocAle Bar
Slightly tart beetroot wheat beer (vegan, unfined)
Papa Steve 9% abv Singles Bar
Imperial American Stout
Vitalidad 7.8% abv Key Keg Bar
Pomegranite, molasses, grapefruit and ginger pale ale.
Young and Unafraid 5% abv Key Keg Bar
Kombucha, elderflower, black lime and yuzu pale.
Bexar County/Three Blind Mice of Peterborough/Little Downham
Bitter Invention of Satan 8.6% abv LocAle Bar
Imperial coffee stout using Hot Numbers Coffee. Winner of the Cambridge CAMRA Beerfest Summer Festival 2017
Bingley of Wilsden, West Yorkshire
North South Divide 5.9% abv
It is more than a question of appearance: the creaminess accentuates the nutty, malty flavour typical in some northern ales, but arguably detracts from the hoppy dryness of the southern style.
Saffron 4.4% abv Singles Bar
Golden in appearance. Pale malt with a small amount of Crystal. Bittered with Magnum hops with an addition of Citra for aroma, real saffron threads added into the fermentor to give a true Indian Spice flavour, aroma and appearance.
Session 4% abv
A combination of American hops in the kettle, then dry-hopped in the fermenter to add depth. Our session IPA has sharp citrus and spicy notes.
Black Metal of Loanhead, Midlothian
Blood Revenge 6.6% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Will O' the Wisp 6% abv
Nothing known so far
Black Sheep of Masham, North Yorkshire
Baa Baa 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Blackjack of Manchester
Deerhunter 5.4% abv
Though only if you like good strong coffee. Pouring a pale amber with an enormous billowing head, the smell is bread and coffee and garden flowers.
Blackpit of Stowe, Buckinghamshire New Brewery
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blue Bee of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Dr. Rudi Pale. 3.7% abv
Grassy, Lemongrass, pine needles
SPAce Invaders 4.7% abv
Nothing known so far
Blue Bell of Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs.
Ingledingle Ale 5.1% abv LocAle Bar
Strong, flavoursome ale usually only available at the Blue Bell, Whaplode St Catherines
New Honesty 4.1% abv LocAle Bar
Taste is sour and at first extremely bitter, however the bitterness fades with time and finds an agreeable balance
Tilly's Golden Tipple 3.7% abv LocAle Bar
Refreshing summery beer.
Blue Monkey of Giltbrook, Nottingham
B.G. Sips 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Bonobo 5.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Boudicca of West Barsham, Norfolk
Prasto's Cherry Porter (unfined) 5.2% abv
Thin, dark, clear with no head. Minimal aroma. A bit bitter and sharp with only a hint of cherry. Light bodied.
Queen of Hops (unfined) 3.7% abv
Queen of Hops has a soft fruity aroma, rounded and grassy with hints of marmalade. Followed by a tangy burst of hops on the palate, with some underpinning of malt and bitterness. There are more hop flavours in the finish, but zestier, more citrus, with a pleasing bitterness. A refreshing pale ale with a satisfying, lasting finish. Vegan beer
Boundary of Belfast NI
D'etre Lycheeish ?.?% abv Key Keg Bar
A Saison with Lychee.
Imbongo 5.5% abv Key Keg Bar
Originally part of our Push & Pull Series, but loved it so much, we had to add it to our Core Selection! Extra pale malt with Mosaic & Azacca.
Pink Sunglasses 4.5% abv Key Keg Bar
A Kellerpils collaboration with Outland, Kinnegar and White Hag
Box Social of Newburn, Tyne & Wear
Campfire Porter 7% abv
Porter with Toasted Marshmallow, Pumphreys Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa and Lactose
Gentlemans Nectar 4.2% abv
Light hoppy and refreshing with a resounding hop character and bitterness leaving you craving more. This beer is more of a series of beers. The hops (although always American) will change as we experiment with new flavours.
Bradford of Bradford, West Yorkshire
Northern Soul 3.8% abv
A deep golden ale made using the finest English hops. Balance is the key word here, not too strong, not too sweet or dry. Caramel and malty goodness set against fresh hops with a smooth mouthfeel, creamy white head
Brains of Cardiff
Atomic Blonde 4% abv
A hoppy blonde ale brewed with Pale Ale and Lager malts, Atomic Blonde is hopped with Citra, Amarillo, Summer and Mosaic. A burst of tropical fruit aromas leads to flavours of peach and sweet grapefruit to create a refreshing beer with a balanced bitterness
Reverand James 4.5% abv
Pale ale heavily hopped with US Chinook hops imparting refreshing grapefruit bittereness
Reverand James Pale 4.2% abv
The new addition to our favourite Rev. James family of ales. Featuring fruity citrus flavours, this pale ale is vibrant and refreshing. Enjoy a clean bitterness and a smooth finish.
SA 4.2% abv
A mellow, full-bodied beer. Gentle malt and hop aroma leads to a malty, hop and fruit mix with a balancing bitterness.
Brass Castle of Malton, North Yorkshire
Misfit 4.3% abv
Initially sweet, with a deep and mouthy umami quality, this fades to give way to a cheeky bitterness, with a nice dry finish
Brew Buddies of Swanley, Kent
PA03 4.3% abv
This beer is packed with the fresh citrus flavour of American and European hops, added in copious amounts throughout the brew and as a dryhop for maximum flavour
Brew York of York, North Yorkshire
Tonkoko 4.3% abv
Huge coconut and chocolate flavours with a Tonka and Vanilla finish. Really creamy and easy drinking. Infused with Coconut, Tonka Beans, Cacao Nibs and Vanilla.
X-Panda 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Brewsters of Grantham, Lincolnshire
Emma Sharp ?.?% abv
A golden premium ale with intense American hop varieties Mosaic & Simcoe. Tropical fruits on the initial aroma are backed up by a punchy citrus hit on the finish.
Hophead 3.6% abv
This amber ale has a floral hoppy character, hops predominate throughout leading to a grape fruit finish.
Roll in the Hay 4% abv
This is a lovely fresh crisp ale which is perfect as a summer thirst quencher. It is an all pale malt grist with a hint of crystal to subtly shade the colour into a golden hue and provide the merest hint of roast malt. The hops used are classics in their own right, blended together they are fantastic. American Cascade is used for its unique perfumed  floral notes and English Fuggles for a fruity spicyness.
Bristol Beer Factory of Bristol
Fortitude 4% abv
Amber ale, sweet and rounded malty body. Finished witha spicy, blackcurrant and minty aroma.
Milk Stout 4.5% abv
The original Bristol Milk Stout with smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits. This award winning national champion stout is a beautifully creamy, full-bodied stout.
Brown Cow of Barlow, North Yorkshire
Captain Oates Mild 4.5% abv
A premium dark mild brewed with a complex mix of malts and oats giving a wonderful depth of flavour
White Dragon 4% abv
A pale aromatic beer, refreshing with a good level of bitterness, citrus undertones and a clean finish.
Brumaison of Marden, Kent
B.B. 3.6% abv
A classic traditional ale brewed in Tonbridge, Kent. Easy going but tons of flavour!
Bullards of Norwich, Norfolk
I Dig a Pigmy 4.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Never Swim With Sharks 4.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Burton Town of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire New Brewery
Albion 3.8% abv
A Championship Pale Ale in support of Burton Albion
Black as your Hat 6.2% abv
Malt: Maris, Otter, Carafa III, Black, Crystal Hops: Centennial, Columbus, Cascade
Campervan of Leith, Edinburgh New Brewery
Leith Juice 4.7% abv
Nothing known so far
Castle Rock of Nottingham
Harvest Pale 3.8% abv
Pale yellow beer, full of hop aroma and flavour. Refreshing with a mellowing aftertaste.
Pilsener 4.9% abv
Classic German hops and specially selected yeast give this clean pilsner-style pale a gentle spicy and earthy kick.
Castor of Castor, Cambs.
12th Man 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
Named to commemorate long suffering fans supporting their teams, is an Amarillo triple hopped beer with spicy citrus and floral aromas and taste with an orangey finish.
Hopping Toad 4.1% abv LocAle Bar
Champion beer of the Castor portfolio. Using low colour malt, this very pale beer is incredibly easy drinking.
Into the Living SeaofWaking Dreams 4.1% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
From Sherlock Holmes
Like ShadowsinLovesStifledThroes 5% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
From John Clare Poem - I am!
Roman Gold 3.7% abv LocAle Bar
This pale, beer simply oozing hops has far more flavour than the 3.7% ABV suggests. A wonderful balance of three different malts and American hops for a perfect session beer.
The Roaring Forties 4.8% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Chalk Hill of Norwich, Norfolk
Cattermole Rye Pale 4.5% abv
Light, zesty citrus notes, subtle pine undertones & a strong malty backbone
Gold 4.3% abv
A Light hoppy nose. Grapefruit, banana and hops mingle in a well balanced beginning. The finish develops a growing bitterness .
Church End of Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Eureka 4.7% abv
An exciting new slightly orange/gold bitter, brewed with a new variety of hop; A very refreshing pint, with hints of Seville orange.
Gravediggers Ale 3.8% abv
Dark black and red in colour, with a complex mixture of chocolate and roast flavours. The use of two different hops, gives the beer a complex feel and smooth finish.
Conwy of Llysfaen, Clwyd
California 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Clogwyn 3.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Crafty of Stetchworth, Cambs.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Crafty Little Brewery of Brough, East Yorkshire New Brewery
Red Tail 4.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Wolf Bite 4.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Credence of Amble, Northumberland
Azacca IPA 6% abv
Easy drinking, smooth IPA that showcases Azacca hops. Flavours include, stone fruits, citrus, herbal and pine.
Revolving Session Pale 3.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Cross Borders of Dalkeith, Midlothian New Brewery
Heavy 4.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Cullercoats of Wallsend, Tyne & Wear
Dry Hop Project #22 UK Chinnook 4.8% abv
Chinook began as a US variety and Charles Faram have recently developed a UK Chinook hop giving those characteristic grapefruit and strong citrus notes, perfect for both bittering and late or dry hopping. This pale ale is spot on for the summer, refreshing and fruity, can be served quite cool on a very hot day!
Shuggy Boat Special 5.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Dancing Duck of Derby, Derbyshire
Dark Drake 4.5% abv
Deliciously malty caramel liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a smooth drinking velvety oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee & tea finish.
Waddle It Be 4.5% abv
This pale ale is packed full of five different New World hops giving a complex mouth-feel and intense fruity flavours of oranges, peaches and blackcurrants with a spicy black pepper kick. A great aroma and a balanced level of bitterness make this a very drinkable beer indeed!
Dark Star of Partridge Green, Sussex
Hophead 3.8% abv
A golden bitter with a fruity/hoppy aroma and a citrus/bitter taste and aftertaste. Flavours remain strong to the end.
Sunburst 4.8% abv
A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale without detracting from its clean flavour and rich hop aroma. (also available in bottle throughout the year)
Dawkins of Bristol
I.P.L. 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Digfield of Barnwell, Northants.
Chiffchaff 3.9% abv LocAle Bar
An amber-gold pale ale with a distinct hoppy aroma.
Fool's Nook 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
The floral aroma, dominated by lavender and honey, belies the hoppy bitterness that comes through in this golden ale.
Old Crow Porter 4.3% abv LocAle Bar
A traditional, rich, full-bodied porter with a balanced roasted malt finish.
Shaklebush 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
This amber brew begins with a balance of malt and hop on the nose which develops on the palate, complemented by a mounting bitterness. Good dry finish with lingering malt notes.
Dukeries of Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Black Swan 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Elsi Pale 3.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Dunham Massey of Dunham Massey, Cheshire
Chocolate Cherry Mild 3.8% abv
Speciality Beer of Britain 2012. Dark chocolate, coffee, liquorice and bitter-sweet cherry flavours.
Eight Arch of Wimborne, Dorset
Parabolic 4.5% abv
Pale Ale. Expect easy drinking with a upfront hop character of grapefruit and citrus thanks to the late addition of U.S. hops.
Session 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Elgood's of Wisbech
Black Dog 3.6% abv LocAle Bar
Black red mild with liquorice and chocolate. Dry roasty finish.
Cambridge Bitter 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
Fruit and malt on the nose with increasing hops and balancing malt on the palate. Dry finish.
Festival Special TBC ?.?% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Mango Sour ?.?% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Elland of Elland, West Yorkshire
1872 Porter 6.5% abv
Creamy, full-flavoured porter. Rich liquorice flavours with a hint of chocolate from roast malt. Soft aftertaste of bittersweet roast and malt.
G.P.A. 4.2% abv
Pale ale with a ginger twist from the addition of fresh root ginger which is added to the copper. Citrus and ginger flavour and aroma
Elliswood of Hinkley, Leicestershire
Flaming Star 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Royal Standard 1485 4.8% abv
A deep red bitter, sweet toffee tastes, wih caramel undertones
Elusive of Finchampstead, Berkshire
Felix & the Fruit Machine 4.5% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Kangaroo 4.7% abv Key Keg Bar
Pale Ale hopped with Topaz and dry-hopped with Vic Secret.
Level Up Level 7 5% abv Key Keg Bar
A red ale that balances six different malts against heavyweight hops to produce a beer with great depth of flavour and aroma. Hopped with Mosaic and dry-hopped with Simcoe.
Summer Zestquinox 4.5% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
Summer Zestquinox 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Exit 33 of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Thirst Aid 4% abv
Light session ale using two American hops, giving interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters and a sharp juicy flavour.
Eyes of Leeds, West Yorkshire New Brewery
Kleiner Weisse Citrus 3.6% abv
Our session IPA brewed with US and NZ hops then blended with orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.
Fallen of Kippen, Stirlingshire
Chew Chew 6% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Just the Ticket 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Ferry Ales of Fiskerton,Lincolnshire New Brewery
Just Jane Bitter 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Slippery Hitch 4.7% abv
Nothing known so far
Fintry of Fintry, Stirlingshire
Clachertyfarlie 3.9% abv
Nothing known so far
Five Points of Hackney, London E9
Brick Field Brown 5.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Pale Ale 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Four Candles of Broadstairs, Kent
Cascade Pilsner 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Framework of Leicester, Lecestershire New Brewery
Simcoe Pale 3.9% abv
Nothing known so far
Framework/St Giles Alehouse of Leicester, Lecestershire New Brewery
Ruby Red 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Frothblowers of Erdington, Birmingham
ELOriginal Brew 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Kentish Brew 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Piffle Snonker 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Fyne Ales of Cairndow, Argyll
Jarl 3.8% abv
Has strong citrus notes,through use of the Citra hop.A very light,golden ale that can be drunk in any season!!
G2 of Swanley, Kent
Sail 4.2% abv
The Sail was originally part of a larger constellation, which represented the ship used by Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the golden fleece. A uniquely flavored blonde session ale, with a subtle lemony twist which leaves a smooth tangy tingle in the back of your mouth, more satisfying then finding the Golden Fleece!
Geeves of Barnsley, South Yorshire
Clear Cut 4.4% abv
An extra pale ale with bags of american hops for a real citrus kick.
Goachers of Maidstone, Kent
Best Dark Ale 4.1% abv
Dark in colour but light and quaffable in body, this ale features hints of caramel and chocolate malt throughout
Golden Triangle of Norwich, Norfolk
Grapefruit Mosaic 3.8% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Hoptriptic 4.2% abv
The first in a series of tripple hopped extra pale ales : Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe
Mosaic City 3.8% abv
Light golden ale made exclusively with Mosaic hops, hence the name. A distinctive flavour with plenty of body for the abv.
Grain of Alburgh, Norfolk
Oat Pale 3.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Slate 6% abv
A deep, dark and rich smoked porter, brewed with a complex blend of malts
ThreeOneSix 3.9% abv
Nothing known so far
Grainstore of Oakham, Rutland
Beesting 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
A refreshing light golden honey brew, exhibiting a mellow sweetness, finely balanced against a subtle floral/honey aroma and flavour.
Rutland Beast 5.3% abv LocAle Bar
A unique, strong mild ale, having a complex flavour made up of a combination of chocolate/coffee notes imparted by the coloured malts used in the brew and those of raisins and autumn fruits, created by our special fermentation techniques. A beer that is incredibly moreish. Drinker beware!
Rutland Osprey 4% abv LocAle Bar
Refreshing golden brew. Complex flavour is mellow with a finely balanced floral aroma and smooth bitterness.
Rutland Panther 3.4% abv LocAle Bar
Reddish-black mild punches above its weight with malt and roast flavours combined.
Great Heck of Great Heck, South Yorkshire
Christopher 4.5% abv
Amber with a very faint haze and a lemony hoppy nose with golden malt. Smooth and moderately bitter, lightly fruity and pithy-crisp.
Dave 3.8% abv
Dark And Very Enjoyable. A very dark session bitter brewed with English hops and lashings of chocolate and crystal malts giving a satisfying roasty taste
Green Jack of Lowestoft, Suffolk
Cherry Popper 8% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Fruit Bat 5.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Ripper 8.5% abv
Strong, sweet and fruity with a warming finish
Summer Dream 4% abv
Pronounced elderflower aroma and taste give way to a gentle hoppy finish. Well balanced and extremely drinkable.
Gyle 59 of Dorset
Pale and Bitter 5% abv Key Keg Bar
A Pale Ale with a dry bitter finish. Pacific Gem and Centennial hops give a refreshing lemon citrus flavour and aroma.
Hairy Brewers of Kilburn, Derbyshire New Brewery
Devil's Whiskers 5.2% abv
An IPA with a modern twist. It has all the hoppiness of a traditional IPA, but has a dark side that bites back in the style of a full bodied ruby ale.
Hair of the Dog 3.8% abv
Clear medium orange amber colour with a small to average, frothy - fizzy, fair lacing, mostly diminishing, off-white head. Aroma is moderate malty, caramel, toffee, sweet malt. Flavor is moderate sweet and light bitter with a average duration, toffee, caramel, sweet malt. Body is medium, texture is oily to watery, carbonation is soft to flat.
Hanlons of Half Moon Village, Devon
Port Stout 4.8% abv
A black beer with roast malt in the aroma that remains in the taste but gives way to hoppy bitterness in the aftertaste.
Hattie Brown of Swanage, Dorset
Moonlite 3.8% abv
Very pale yellow gold coloured pour with a lasting loose white head. Aroma is subdued grains, vanilla, grass and Berry hop, faint citrus. Flavour is composed of pale grains, tangy pineapple, citrus, mango, bready malts. Palate is light and easy going, moderate cask condition. Tangy butter in the finish. Decent hoppy golden.
Mustang Sally 4.6% abv
English Bitter
Heritage of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire
Masterpiece IPA 5.6% abv
Aromatic hops, toasted cereal notes and hints of smoke and spice enhanced by fragrant fruity character and a top note of fresh bread.
Offilers Best Bitter 4% abv
This light amber coloured smooth drinking best bitter has a mild to medium bitterness and biscuit notes.
Hop Jacker of Dronfield, Derbyshire
Hopjacked 4.8% abv
A single hop pale ale ... Citra. Unfined unfiltered and uncompromised
Roobarb & Custard 6% abv Singles Bar
Hazy oatmeal pale with added rhubard & vanilla
Hop Studio of York, North Yorkshire
Solstice 3.8% abv
A remarkably light, crisp and hoppy alewith a hint of sauvignon. Maris Otter Pale Malt and Carapils provide a light malty base for intensely aromatic floral, citrus and gooseberry flavours of Chinook, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops.
Hopshackle of Market Deeping, Lincs.
American Pale Ale 4.3% abv LocAle Bar
An amber coloured ale with a fruity zesty aroma . The taste is citrus hop with background gooseberry and lychees and a dry bitter finish.
Rye IPA 5.6% abv LocAle Bar
A brown beer with citrus and tropical fruit flavours , spicy rye character and a bitter dry finish .
Token's Tribute 4% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
A golden beer with complex malt and fruit and a dry bitter finish .
Vanilla Porter 4.8% abv LocAle Bar
A black beer with flavours of rich malt, dark chocolate, liquorice and vanilla and a roasted grain finish.
Horbury of Ossett, West Yorkshire
J.F.B. Citra Pale Session 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Tiramisu 4.3% abv
Chocolate and Coffee porter with a nutty yet bitter finish.
Horncastle of Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Dragon's Flame 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Total Chaos 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Hybrid of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire New Brewery
Magic Porridge 4.7% abv
Nothing known so far
Ilkley of Ilkley, North Yorkshire
Hendrix 4.9% abv
Brewed with oats to soften the brazen hoppy edge. Big citrus flavours with background tropical fruitiness and a slight piney bitterness, This year marks 50 years since Jimi played Ilkley would you believe
Kelham Island of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Easy Rider 4.3% abv
A pale, straw-coloured beer with a sweetish flavour and delicate hints of citrus fruits. A beer with hints of flavour rather than full-bodied.
Pale Rider 5.2% abv
A full-bodied, straw pale ale, with a good fruity aroma and a strong fruit and hop taste. Its well-balanced sweetness and bitterness continue in the finish.
Kennet & Avon of Melksham, Wiltshire
Wilcot Wide 4.6% abv
A robust mahogany ale, single hopped with New Zealand Waimea gives a quality bitterness with unique fresh citrus aroma notes.
Kent of Birling, Kent
Beyond the Pale 5.4% abv
A full-flavoured Golden Pale Ale with a powerful punch of hops. An extreme version of our Pale for incurable hop addicts
Keystone of Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire
Gold Spice 4% abv
A light-coloured, well hopped beer with stem ginger added to the cask.
Wiltshire Pale 3.8% abv
Challenger, Boadicea & Golding hops dominate this very pale ale giving a floral toffee aroma leading to a crisp dry taste.
King's Cliffe of King's Cliffe, Northants.
5C 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
Light and golden Ale
66 Degrees 4.6% abv LocAle Bar
Sweet & floral. Hops used are Fuggles, Challenger & East Kent Goldings
LCA 3.8% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
No10 4% abv LocAle Bar
Not just a significant address in London. No.10 Kingsmead, King’s Cliffe is where every pint of this beer starts life. Traditional English hop varieties and crystal malt combine to create this amber coloured craft beer with a distinctive but restrained malty flavour and a lasting aftertaste.
P51 5.1% abv LocAle Bar
Traditional English Porter. Roasted and chocolate malts give a smooth and distinctive roast malt and fuit.
Lacons of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Encore 3.8% abv
Pale amber hue. Delicate fruit aromas, balancing dry pine and citrus with a long and dry finish.
Festival Special 4% abv Festival Special
Nothing known so far
Legacy Noir 4.4% abv
Black version of our popular brew with citrus aromas yet bold, blood orange and grapefruit flavours on the palate. Woodiness follows a bitter finish.
Old Nogg (in wood) 6% abv Singles Bar
An exclusive wood aged cask of our heritage recipe, Old Nogg; warming, mild bodied old ale with a slightly nutty flavour. This ale has been aged for over 9 months for perfect rich taste.
Lancaster of Lancaster, Lancashire
Hay-Mayker 4.4% abv
Pale ale, light and refreshing with a hoppy full flavoured finish and a crisp aftertaste.
Mosaic 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Leatherbritches of Smisby, Leicestershire
Bad Boy 4.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Bounder 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Leeds of Leeds, West Yorkshire
Midnight Bell 4.8% abv
A full bodied Strong Mild, deep red to dark brown in colour. Malty caramel character with chocolate being present throughout.
Yorkshire Gold 4% abv
Plenty of zesty citrus flavours, a wallop of hops and a long lasting bitter finish make this a refreshing beer.
Lines Brew Co of Caerphilly
Acid Oat on Citra 4.5% abv Key Keg Bar
Blended oaty Session IPA, dry hopped with citra
Citrus Grisette 3.6% abv Key Keg Bar
A fruit grisette, lemon zest and grapefruit conditioned summer Belgian beer
Double IPA Blend 8.1% abv Key Keg Bar
Double IPA, carved from Well water, oats, acidified malt and German pils malt with the hops Nelson, Citra, Chinook, Amarillo
Little Critters of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
White Wolf 5% abv
Our White Wolf is an extra pale ale, made with American whole hops. This is a refreshing light beer, smooth from the high quality malt, with a crisp citrus finish and just enough bitterness.
Mad Dog of Penperlleni, Gwent
Olicana Pale Ale 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Mad Hatter of Liverpool
Farmhouse Saison 6.7% abv Key Keg Bar
A classic saison, light and pleasant, just right for late Summer evenings.
Say Hello Wave Goodbye 6.4% abv Key Keg Bar
The last beer brewed at our old brewery. A light and zingy coffee pale with Ethiopean Yirgacheffe beans.
Tzatziki Sour 4.2% abv Key Keg Bar
It really does taste like tzatziki. Cucumbers, yoghurt, mint, ouzo (no garlic, that would be weird). Delicious and strange.
Magic Rock of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Inhaler 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Mallinson's of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Hallertau Blanc 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Market Harborough Brewery of Market Harborough, Leicestershire
American Brown 5.1% abv
A modern brown ale with chocolate and caramel malt flavours. Hopped with American Galena and Cascade hops.
Super Hop Mosaic 4.1% abv
The SuperHop series takes Hoppy Pale as its base beer and then dry hops with generous amounts of differing varieties to create beers with lots of intense hop character. This brew uses Mosaic hops.
Marstons of Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire
Flight Suit Orange Pale Ale 6% abv Marstons Bar
Nothing known so far
Lancaster Bomber 4.4% abv Marstons Bar
A full-bodied chestnut beer with an inviting malty aroma and warming aftertaste.
Pedigree 4.5% abv Marstons Bar
A deep, malty backbone, together with the use of Burton water makes a nutty flavour with a delicate, hoppy aroma and a dry, bitter finish.
Wainwright 4.1% abv Marstons Bar
Refreshing Golden Ale with citrus aromas. Lightly hopped with subtle sweet notes and delicate citrus fruit flavours throughout.
Marstons / Jennings of Cockermouth, Cumbria
Jennings Sneck Lifter 5.1% abv Marstons / Jennings Bar
A highly flavoursome beer with compelling characteristics. Amber and chocolate malts enhance the complex flavours of this beer.
Marstons / Wychwood of Witney, Oxfordshire
Hobgoblin 4.5% abv Marstons / Wychwood Bar
Pale, chocolate and crystal malts; English Fuggles and Styrian Goldings hops. Hobgoblin is a powerful full-bodied copper red, well-balanced brew. Strong in roasted malt with a moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character that lasts through to the end.
Mauldons of Sudbury, Suffolk
Blackberry Porter 4.8% abv
Black porter, with a balanced hop aroma & rich blend of chocolate & roast flavours, giving way to a subtle sweet fruit finish
Mid Summer Gold 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Mile Tree of Wisbech St. Mary, Cambs.
Black IPA 7% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
As black as night. The citrus hop finish will confuse the senses but delight the palate.
Coconut Stout 5.5% abv Singles Bar
Black stout combines a dark rich maltiness with a hint of sweet coconut.
Dark Lager 5.6% abv LocAle Bar
The high percentage of Munich malt adds a rich, malty sweetness resulting in a lager full of character with a classic smooth finish.
Golding IPA 4% abv LocAle Bar
Classic golden English IPA, brewed with only Golding variety hops. Fruity malt flavour with a delicate hop finish.
Larksong 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
Full bodied amber beer with a spicy hop finish. Pilsner lager malt.
Meadowgold 3.9% abv LocAle Bar
Pale blonde/gold, citrus fruit hop flavours & aromas from Cascade hops.
Milton of Milton, Cambs
FBPER 5.4% abv Festival Special
Nothing known so far
Justinian 3.9% abv
Straw-coloured bitter with pink grapefruit hop character and light malt softness. Very dry finish.
Moor of Bristol
Old Freddie Walker 7.3% abv Key Keg Bar
CAMRA Winter Ales Fest Champ Beer of Britain. A strong ale, with a rich flavour perfectly balanced between chocolate, honey, dark roasts and a hint of liquorice. It is a beer to sip and enjoy
Moor Beer of Bristol
Old Freddie Walker 7.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Moorhouse's of Burnley, Lancashire
Old Boss 4.3% abv
A delightfully balanced premium bitter. straw in colour with a hint of citrus and spice. Moorhouses have brewed a special ale inspired by a hop bitter recipe dating back to the 1800s. The brew was an award winning ale brewed with a hop variety not used by Moorhouses for many years
Pendle Witches Brew 5.1% abv
Well-balanced, full-bodied, malty beer with a long, complex finish.
Morton Collins of Ryhill, West Yorkshire New Brewery
Stanley's Delight 4.8% abv Singles Bar
A smooth dark stout
Star Bitter 3.8% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Neepsend of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Theia 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Willis 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Nelson of Chatham, Kent
Midshipman Dark Mild 4% abv
A dark mild brewed with mild malt and Kentish hops, leaving a roasted aftertaste on the palate
Mutineers Revenge 5% abv
A copper coloured ale with a warm roast flavour that leaves a sweetness on the palate
Nene Valley of Oundle, Northants.
Big Bang Theory 5.3% abv Nene Valley Bar
Well balanced pale ale with a huge hop aroma giving way to malty sweetness and a gentle bitter finish
Egyptian Cream 2KK 4.5% abv Nene Valley Bar
A Milk Stout with a velvety mouthfeel and a deep, full richness created with a range of malts and flaked oats with a little extra lactose sweetness.
Festival Special TBC ?.?% abv Festival Special Nene Valley Bar
Nothing known so far
Hop Stash Citra 5% abv Nene Valley Bar
Nothing known so far
Hop Stash Topaz 5% abv Nene Valley Bar
Nothing known so far
Nene Valley Bitter 4.1% abv Nene Valley Bar
Floral hop and malt aroma introduces a full clean biscuit malt taste balanced by bitterness and some fruit, ending with a long malt and bitter finish
Release the Chimps 4.4% abv Nene Valley Bar
Golden-coloured American-style pale ale with a fruity hop aroma and flavour.
Simple Pleasures 3.6% abv Nene Valley Bar
A light, clean and refreshing beer with a pleasing citrus hop aroma and flavour.
Supersonic 6% abv Nene Valley Bar
Gin and tonic wheat beer. Lovely light and refreshing,
Nene Valley Brewery of Oundle
Hop Stash Citra 5% abv Key Keg Bar
From a series of heavily hopped beers to showcase our freshest and favourite hops. This version is packed full of Citra hops giving a big hit of grapefruit, passion fruit and lime. Gluten Free
Supersonic 6% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
Nethergate of Pentlow, Essex
Stour Valley Gold 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Newby Wyke of Grantham, Lincs
Black Squall 4.6% abv
A traditional porter style beer with a smooth bitter aftertaste.
Sundowner 4.4% abv
Golden orange melon taste with citrus undertones melon aroma
USS Winston Churchill 5% abv
Yellow ale full of passion fruit and hops with floral fruity aroma
Nobby's of Thrapston, Northants
Midsummer Crown 4% abv LocAle Bar
Beautiful golden ale, with a touch of natural herbs & spices for real refreshing taste.
Mosaic 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Plum Porter 4.4% abv LocAle Bar
A dark brown porter with bitterness from hops and plums, Real fruit natural haze.
Nomadic of Leeds, West Yorkshire New Brewery
Farbouti 3.8% abv
Farbouti (Far-bo-tee) is a dark but hoppy brew. Described as a "fruity porter" on several occasions.
North Riding of East Ayton, North Yorkshire
Ekuanot Pale Ale 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Milk Chocolate Stout 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Northern Monk of Leeds, West Yorkshire
Northern Star 5.9% abv
Mocha Porter
Oakham of Peterborough
Dr. Phobia 5.2% abv Singles Bar
Dark chestnut beer brewed with barley, wheat and rye malts to give a complex malt flavour with robust American hops.
Green Devil IPA 6% abv LocAle Bar
Smooth and fruity starting with passion fruit, pineapple, and mango developing into lemon, limes and a citrusy bitterness.
Hanger 17 4.1% abv LocAle Bar
A rich malty amber beer with aromas of tangerine and tangy citrus with a hint of orange peel.
Inferno 4% abv LocAle Bar
The citrus hop character of this straw coloured brew begins on the nose and builds in intensity on the palate.
Marcus Farewell 4.6% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Beer brewed in Memory of Marcus Simms, lobg term CAMRA Branch member.
Oldershaw of Barkston, Lincs.
Posh Ale 3.8% abv Festival Special
Nothing known so far
Seriously Blonde 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Papworth of Papworth, Cambs. New Brewery
Crystal Ship 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Robin Goodfellow 5.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Parish of Burrough on the Hill, Leics
Baz's Bonce Blower 12.3% abv
Strong, very dark beer with a very rich, malty character. A Christmas Pudding Ale.
On Ur Bike 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Plum Porter 4.4% abv Festival Special
Nothing known so far
Pig & Porter of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Skylarking 4% abv
Very citrusy aroma with hop resins. Fruity hoppy taste, soft bitter finish.
Pig and Porter of Tunbridge Wells
Honey Hill Wit 5% abv Key Keg Bar
Witbier made with Kentish honey.
Love Medicine 6% abv Key Keg Bar
Smooth roasted coffee notes combined with the piny resinousness of Chinook.
Red Spider Rye 4.8% abv Key Keg Bar
A ruby red ale made with rye malt and Centennial and Columbus hops. The rye lends a peppery spiciness and the Centennial gives a massive burst of citrus
Purple Cow of Kettering, Northants. New Brewery
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Purple Moose of Porthmadog, Gwynedd
Elderflower Ale 4% abv
A refreshing pale ale brewed using Casade hops with the added indulgence of elderflower.
Rat of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Mother Rat 5.5% abv
Rich Milk Stout. A blend of five malts and lactose sugar give this inky black stout a full-bodied, treacly sweetness and complex roasted flavours. British Admiral and Bramling Cross hops add a contrasting bitterness and spicy, grassy and berry fruit aromas. To fans of dark, flavourful beers this is like mother's milk.
White Rat 4% abv
This very pale hoppy ale is made from low colour Maris Otter malt. A combination of three high-alpha american hops produce an intensely aromatic and resinous finish.
Revolutions of Castleford, West Yorkshire
Bram's Birthday Beer 5.9% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Switch 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Swoon 4.5% abv
Rich chocolate fudge milk stout which has proved a big hit with punters.
Rocket Ales of King's Cliffe, Northants.
Atlas IPA 5.8% abv LocAle Bar
The combination of English hops and American beer yeast has produced a beautiful Golden IPA
Bloodhound 4.2% abv Singles Bar
A fruity, sweet malt nose with a hoppy edge that is also present on the palate and in the aftertaste. Mellow peachy/orange notes from Admiral Hops give way to a lingering dry, bitter aftertaste.
Komet Bier 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
German Kolsch beer. German Noble hops inc Saaz for Aroma Pale Malt and fermented Cool
Vostok Stout 4.6% abv LocAle Bar
Seven Malts. Admiral & Challenger Hops. Traditional Stout
Rockingham of Blatherwyke, Northants
Big Hairy Canary 4.3% abv LocAle Bar
A blonde ale made with generous amounts of Amarillo and Citra hops. It features a range of Citrus flavours, mainly orange and grapefruit. Clean zesty finish.
Bring me the Hops of Alfredo Garcia 4% abv Singles Bar
Hop Devil with a dash of Tequilla and plenty of Mexican limes. A bit mad.
Instant Calmer 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Kiwi Hop Devil 3.9% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
A pale golden ale made with Waimea,Waiti, and rare Nelson Sauvin hops. This aromatic hop foward beer provides a blend of crushed gooseberries, passion fruit, and lime. 40 IBU
Morello Black IPA 5% abv LocAle Bar
Cellar aged for four months . A black West Coast style beer featuring Cascade and Waimea hops, with added genever infused black cherries. Soft cherry flavour blends with piney citrus hops. 50 IBU
Roosters of Knaresborough
Roots, Rock, Reggae 6.4% abv
A pineapple & grapefruit ipa. So say hello to Roots Rock Reggae (6.4%, pineapple and grapefruit IPA). I’m not sure there’s much more to say, other than it’s a small-batch one-off, so likely to sell out quickly.
Yankee 4.3% abv
A straw-coloured beer with a delicate, fruity aroma leading to a well-balanced taste of malt and hops with a slight evidence of sweetness, followed by a refreshing, fruity/bitter finish.
Salopian of Hadnall, Shropshire
Polygraph 7.4% abv Singles Bar
Full flavoured stout with toast, liquorice, hints of dark fruit, chocolate and mocha tempered by crisp tart bitterness.
Prohibition 4.6% abv
A beer that speaks easy of hops and more hops, citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours descend into an untouchable finish.
Salopian/Tiny Rebel of Hadnall, Shropshire/Newport, Gwent
Catatonic 5.7% abv
Pours a hazy yellow colour with a small white head. Has a fruity malty citrus hoppy aroma. Fruity malty citrus hoppy flavor. Has a fruity malty citrus hoppy finish.
Sarah Hughes of Dudley, West Midlands
Dark Ruby Mild 5.8% abv
A dark ruby strong ale with a good balance of fruit and hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering hops and malt finish.
Sentinel of Sheffield, South Yorkshire New Brewery
Zf 4.5% abv
Superbly citrussy and supremely drinkable Pale Ale, dry-hopped with the classic American trio: Cascade, Chinook and Centennial.
Settle of Settle, North Yorkshire
Earl Grey 4.4% abv
There is a Lime / Lemon character to this, quite sweetish and certainly a hint of tea, maybe the bergamot comes through as the lime flavour
Siren of Finchampstead, Berkshire
Liquid Mistress 5.6% abv
West coast red IPA: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus.
Yu Lu 3.6% abv
Pale ale brewed with Earl Grey Tea
Skinner's of Truro, Cornwall
Cornish Knocker 4.5% abv
Refreshing golden ale with fragrant apple and hop aroma. Citrus hops, malt and summer fruit flavours. Bitter finish.
G.T.A. 3.8% abv
A lovely hoppy golden ale, fused with Cornish honey, gives this session beer a superb round finish with a hint of ginger. 
Slaughterhouse of Warwick, Warwickshire
Saddleback 3.8% abv
Amber-coloured session bitter with a distinctive Challenger hop flavour.
Wild Boar 5.2% abv
A robust dark beer produced using both dark crystal and chocolate malts
Spey Valley of Keith, Moray
David's not so Bitter ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Sunshine on Keith 3.5% abv
Nothing known so far
St Austell of St Austell, Cornwall
Proper Job 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Tribute 4.2% abv
Pale brown best bitter. Dominant hop bitterness with biscuit malt, ending refreshingly bitter and dry.
St. Peter's of St. Peter South Elmham, Suffolk
Flawless 3.9% abv
Dark golden with a small white head. Bready malt aroma with a touch of hay. Sweet malty flavour with grass and hay.
Top Notch 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Stoney Ford of Ryhall, Lincolnshire
All Saints Almighty Amber 4% abv LocAle Bar
Darkest ale in the range with a gentle bitterness and late hopping a resinous, marmalade and orange aromatic and citrus bite
Meadows Moondance 5.2% abv LocAle Bar
A robust India Pale Ale in the English style with Strong bitter backbone, punchy peach and cedar aromas balanced with layers of caramel, toffee and biscuity toast.
Sheepmarket Supernova 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
Pale Summer Ale Bursting with flavour and fizz Light and thirst quenching Floral, cedar, grapefruit and peach Pale malt plus a little amber Challenger, Boadicea and Pioneer hops The original working name for the Sheepmarket Supernova was ‘Andrew’s Angle Grinder Ale’ 
St. Mary's Sundowner Straw 4.4% abv LocAle Bar
A punchy, blonde ale to accompany the sundown with a refreshing zesty fruit on the nose and light caramel palate coming from Olicana, Jester and Ernest hops with pale malt and oats to give a fuller mouthfeel and an underlying tropical bamboo flavour.
Stamford Spruceter 4.6% abv Singles Bar
A one-off 4.6% blonde ale, with added Sitka Spruce Tips, harvested by hand in Northumberland for a crisp and floral complement to the English hops and malt. A homage to an Alaskan Spruce Tip Ale.
Theakston of Masham, North Yorkshire
Grouse Beater 4.2% abv
A golden mid-gravity bitter with initial sweetness balanced with a moderate hop bitterness. Dry hopped with Fuggles to give a delicate aroma complimented by a subtle hint of moorland berry.
Old Peculier 5.6% abv
A full-bodied, dark brown, strong ale. Slightly malty but with hints of roast coffee and liquorice. Bitter chocolate finish.
Thornbridge of Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire
Jaipur IPA 5.9% abv
A citrus dominated IPA. Starts soft and smooth yet builds to a massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.
Lucaria 6% abv
Ice Cream Porter Collaboration with The Grove.
Three Blind Mice of Little Downham, Cambs.
Four Go Mad 4.7% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Four go Wild in the Fens 4.7% abv Key Keg Bar
Collaboration Brew with Peterborough CAMRA Cellar Team. A New England pale ale, packed full of oats for a soft mouth feel backed up with plenty of juicy hops and grapefruit.
Juice Rocket 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Lonely Snake Simcoe & Mosaic 3.5% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Milk Worm 5.3% abv LocAle Bar
A chocolate and vanilla milk porter
Uncle Buckthorn 6% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Upside Down IPA 7.4% abv Key Keg Bar
Black IPA. A collaboration brew with Bakers Dozen Brewing. Citra, Mosaic, Summit & Nelson Sauvin add a fruity hop twang to this delicious dark beer.
Three Brothers of Stockton on Tees, County Durham
ThaIPA 4.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Three Hills Brewing of Northants
Hibiscus Saison 6% abv Key Keg Bar
Belgian farmhouse ale infused with Hibiscus, bright pink in colour floral notes and tart cranberry-esque edge
THAI PA 5.4% abv Key Keg Bar
Light Pale Ale session ale, aromatic refreshing with lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime.
Three Kings of North Shields, Tyne & Wear
Dark Side of the Toon 4.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Silver Darling 5.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Tickety Brew of Stalybridge
Pale Ale 5.5% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
Rose Wheat 4.8% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
Summer IPA 6% abv Key Keg Bar
Nothing known so far
Timothy Taylor of Keighley, West Yorkshire
Boltmaker 4% abv
Tawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly, and sometimes still, sold as Best Bitter.
Tiny Rebel of Newport, Gwent
Cask Sour 3.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Hank 4% abv
American Pale Ale
Tollgate of Calke, Derbyshire
Mary Wild 3.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Old Rasputin 4.5% abv
Very dark, creamy stout with a good balance of sweetness and bitterness.
Top Out of Loanhead, Midlothian
Altbier 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
The Cone 6% abv Singles Bar
Named after the part of the hop plant used in brewing. Strong and bitter with lots of grapefruit notes. Its all-American hops are added at four different stages in the brewing process, as well as double dry hopping.
Track Brewing of Manchester
Ekuanot IPA 6.5% abv Key Keg Bar
Ekuanot IPA is golden pale in colour with a big juicy profile. Single Hopped extensively with Ekuanot. Expect big citrus and stone fruit flavour.
Sonoma 3.8% abv Key Keg Bar
A juicy, bright, dry pale. Hopped extensively with Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops at flame out & dry hop. Designed to be a taste of sunshine with late citrus fruit aroma and finish.
Très Bien of Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Air Mail 3.8% abv
Pale ale
Peacock 5.1% abv
Pale ale
True North of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Best Bitter 3.8% abv
A malty-sweet traditional brown ale which is balanced with the spice and bitterness of Bramling Cross hops.
Turning Point of Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire New Brewery
Avalon 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Turpins of Cambridge, Cambs.
Light Blue 3.4% abv
Light session bitter brewed with Bramling Cross hops. Earthy and woody aroma with spicy, blackcurrant, loganberry and citrus flavours.
Strawberry Haze 3.9% abv
Golden ale, fruity and citrus favours with hoppy finish and a hint of strawberries.
Twisted of Westbury, Wiltshire
Gaucho 4.6% abv
A ruby bitter produced with a quadruple malt combination and seasoned with some classic English hops that provide the balance. The aroma is of soft fruits and coffee, a hint of chocolate - a long finish on the palate.
Tydd Steam of Tydd St. Giles, Cambs.
Barn Ale 3.9% abv LocAle Bar
Golden Session Bitter with a zesty bitterness and a lingering citrus finish.
Black Snake 4.2% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Dr. Foxes Cunning Linctus 4.4% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Golden Kiwi 4.1% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Snake Eyes 4.2% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Best bitter, pale and heavily hopped with citra giving intense bitterness and lychee/ citrus flavours.
V.I.P. of Lesbury, Northumberland
Village Gossip 3.3% abv
Low ABV, hoppy blonde ale.Light in colour but strong in taste.
Village Life 4.8% abv
The use of 50% Lager Malt and 50% Ale Malt  creates a stunningly light session ale hopped with an American flavour hop
Vocation of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Chop & Change 4.5% abv
Using a simple pale malt profile, and generous additions of a single hop variety to allow the characteristics of that hop to really shine through. Always changing, always special.
Weird Beard of London W7
Marianna Trench 5.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Peat Rock 8.5% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
The Frog is Fired 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Welbeck Abbey of Welbeck, Nottinghamshire
Loyal Duke 4% abv
William Cavendish, ancestor of the Welbeck dynasty, was known as the Loyal Duke. Smooth and biscuity, four-grain golden ale, brewed using the very finest transcontinental hops tocompliment these British malts.
Weldon of Weldon, Northants.
Blackberry Porter 5.1% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Cupola 3.6% abv LocAle Bar
This seasonal special is one for hop heads, a lovely blonde beer packed with finishing hops from the new world it will explode your palate despite only being a thirst quenching 3.6% abv.
Embankment Blonde 4% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Essanall 3.8% abv LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Windmill 4.2% abv LocAle Bar
A classic English Bitter made with a generous amount of East Kent Goldings and an array of English Malts, beautifully balanced and a delight for the palate.
Whim of Hartington, Derbyshire
Arbor Light 3.6% abv
Light-coloured bitter, sharp and clean with lots of hop character and a delicate light aroma.
Caskade 4.3% abv
Lager-style beer made with Cascade hops. Light and sharp with a strong hoppy, grapefruit-citrus flavour. Dry finish.
Whitstable of Whitstable, Kent
Winkle Picker 4.5% abv
A beautifully balanced Amber Best Bitter. Pleasant maltiness offset by a firm but not overpowering bitterness and delightful orange flavours.
Wild Weather of Reading
Be Hop a Lula 4.9% abv Key Keg Bar
Hopped up IPA. Delivers a foxy multi fruit face melter with scorching aromatics.
Betrayal 4% abv Key Keg Bar
Packed with mosaic on a super light malt base for massive mango and grapefruit flavours and an intense citrus nose.""
Blood of Angry Men 5% abv Key Keg Bar
Raspberry Fruit
Dark of Ages Past 5% abv Key Keg Bar
Blueberry Fruit
Wild Weather Ales of Silchester, Hampshire
Be Hop A Lula 4.9% abv
Nothing known so far
The Tropical 6% abv Singles Bar
Nothing known so far
Woodforde's of Woodbastwick, Norfolk
Norfolk Nog 4.6% abv
An aroma of rich roasted malt and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice define this velvety Old Ale.
Reedlighter 4.2% abv
Dry-hopped American-style pale ale packed with bold hop characteristics. Deliciously drinkable and very pale in colour, this refreshing beer is hopped using a distinctive blend of five varieties including Summit, Centennial and English Goldings, plus a complex malt base of Maris Otter, lager malt and malted wheat.
Xtreme Ales of Turves. Cambs.
Cherry Chocolate Stout 5% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
A stout with chocolate flavours and an aftertaste of bitter cherry.
Evil Pigeon 5.5% abv LocAle Bar
Strong light beer using Chinook, Galena and Simcoe hops giving a citrus flavour and dry finish
Festival Special 4.5% abv Festival Special LocAle Bar
Nothing known so far
Milk Stout 4.5% abv LocAle Bar
A traditional milk stout, rich and creamy with a very smooth finish!
Route 701 4% abv LocAle Bar
Golden beer with fruity tones
Smoked Porter 6% abv Festival Special Singles Bar
Strong Porter using German smoked Malt and Tettnang hops to give a dark beer with coffee and chocolate subtle flavours.
Yeovil of Yeovil, Somerset
HOP 145 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
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