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Volunteer Staffing at the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 2018
The Beer Festival is staffed by unpaid volunteers with just over 300 people turning up to help us at some time or other. The majority of these are CAMRA members with a small number of non members who are invited specially for the event.
We require volunteers before the festival opens as there is lots of work to be done. From putting up security fencing to taking deliveries, from hanging posters to setting out chairs and everything else in between. When that has been done we're ready for the festival to start
During festival open days (Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th August) we require staff to serve behind our bars, work the tombola, pub games, cider, wine and bottled beers. We also have a variety of other jobs too so those who prefer not to pour pints can usually be found something else to do.
We require most of our volunteers to work on our busiest days which are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As Tuesday and Wednesday are fairly quiet we usually have far more staff than we need. It is for this reason that some volunteers wishing to work on these 2 days may not be required and we will unfortunately have to ask you to volunteer for Thursday onwards.
All staff will need to fill in a Staffing Form (you can do it online right here on the website).
Making sure our volunteers are well looked after is of paramount importance to the organisers. We believe that Peterborough Beer Festival is one of the more generous festivals in the country and our previous volunteers have enjoyed their time with us
If you live in the city area we provide transport home at night to both North and South of Peterborough. All staff will receive a complimentary festival glass and discount on festival clothing.
As many will know the festival has an extensive catering facility and provides extremely good value and substantial meals for our volunteers. Meals are provided and will cost a nominal £2. Free tea, coffee and soft drinks are available at all times free of charge.
Terms & Conditions. Please read, things have changed! If you think that you can help then please complete our staffing form.
Please note that all Staff must pre-register. You cannot just turn up and expect to work. ALL STAFF WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION AND A STAFFING NUMBER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER APPLYING. If you think that you can help then please complete our staffing form.
The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) takes your privacy very seriously. Peterborough and District CAMRA branch are collecting your data so that we can contact you about the Peterborough Beer Festival. We will only contact you in relation to this specific event. We will treat your data as outlined in our privacy policy. Please visit for further information. We will keep your information for a maximum of 15 months and only use it to contact you in relation to the festival. We will process your data in accordance with the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations. If you have any concerns regarding data protection please contact us at
Free camping is available but is based upon first come first served. We cannot guarantee a camping space unless pre booked. Tent size should be as small as possible.
You will be supplied with a Staff Handbook before you start work. But you can get a copy here if you wish.
There is more staff information here and here is our Health & Safety Policy.
If you are still not tempted then take a look at a previous year's
menu for the staff restaurant. Don't forget that lunch time and evening food is just £2.00 a meal .Tickets can be purchased on the staff bar.
You will be supplied with a Staff Handbook before you start work.
You will also be supplied with a copy of the national CAMRA Volunteers Handbook. But you can get a copy here.

Beers on the bar will include some not available to the general public
A list will be available in due course.
Nov 2018

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